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How does it work?

Give Us A Datafeed

We use the same datafeed you are already sending to Google, Facebook or any other advertising platform and feed it to our Artifical Intelligence system to start learning from.

Configure and Install

You will need to decide a few things, like where on your store you would like related products to show, which products we should considered and what signals to pass for our system to make recommendations on.

This step takes no more then 15 minutes... if you get stuck, just reach out and ask our freindly support team for help.

Watch it Work

Once our app is installed, there is no further work. Our system will show the best related products to visitors.

Our system is extremely powerful for increase return on Paid Search Traffic. Many of our customers have seen 30% or greater increases in revenue on their search traffic.



"Who knew such a simple upgrade to our site could improve our conversion rates so much? Every store needs to give Relately a try."

-Sports Equipment


"Once we got it installed, this app has improved our site performance in amazin ways."

-Outdoor Warehouse.


"We really cant say enough good things about the Relately team, they worked with us through installation and really helped optimize our related products. Sales have never been better!"

-Auto Rim Store

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)!

How to install?

Installation is simple... First you give us a datafeed, and choose which products we should include in our system. Then you install a JavaScript Snippet on your site, and stylize to your liking. The rest is on us.

What feed format do you use?

We use the same feed format as Google (Docs). There are many tools that can create these feeds, please ask us if you need a recommendation.

Why do I need a data feed?

Our system is mainly geared towards merchants that are actively advertising, rather then increase load on your shopping cart system, we utilize your pre-existing data feeds for faster setup.

Who is this Relately for?

We can help most store owners improve their sell through rates. Merchants with catalogs of 500+ products and Paid Search Traffic tend to see the best increases in revenue.

Do I need to setup the relations?

Thats way too much work! Our system uses Artifical Intelligence to find related products based on the many data points we gather about your products.

What if I need help?

We have in depth setup instuctions and additional FAQ's located here, as well as email and chat support available to you.

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